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Voor mijn vorige team Specialized-lululemon schreef iedereen van het team regelmatig blogs voor op de website. Hier kan je de blogs teruglezen die ik heb geschreven of die over mij zijn geschreven. En ze zijn nog goed voor je Engels ook ;). Veel leesplezier.

17-01-2013: The Animal-Majorca camp (blog by Trixi Worrack)

mallorcaWe are back at Mallorca camp, preparation for our first tour which starts at the end of January “Tour of Qatar“. We went out with a nice tailwind and climbed two times the San Salvador, beautiful view up there, if you can enjoy it and not think of the way back, which will be the whole time heavy headwind.

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28-08-2012: First & Third in Lotto Decca

lotto-deccaThe end of the season is approaching. Usually the world championships in September are the highlight of the season, which means the moral is always building up towards the end of the season. But in this Olympic year it’s a bit different. Because almost everyone in our team did compete at the Olympics we all seem to have an excuse why we might not be in top shape at the moment.

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30-12-2012: A ride with Specialized Lululemon

a-ride-with-specialized-lululemonThe first trainingcamp for the new season is behind us. I had a great time with all the staff, sponsors, media, Specialized dealers and of course with my teammates. We made a lot of hours on the bike and riding together is one of the best ways to get to know your teammates. Let me take you on a trainingride with my teammates so you also can get to know them a bit better.

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27-04-2012: Czech Surprises

Sunny czechThe week in Czech so far has brought me many surprises. To be honest, when I think about Czech, I think about vodka, bad weather and grey houses. But I have to rectify this vision since we didn’t get any vodka yet and we’re getting sunburned in 30 degrees while enjoying the beautiful scenery on our bikes. I won’t elaborate too much about the great weather, cause it might annoy my teammates in rainy Luxembourg a bit. The residence we stay during our Czech trip is one of the most remarkable places I’ve ever stayed in. It’s a sanatorium and this morning I witnessed a bunch of grannies decorating a Christmas Tree.

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5-12-2012: Portugal Day two

portugalTeamcamp day 2

Despite of our 2012 celebration last night, we started our day again with the 7am yoga session. 7am is not my favourite time of the day, but I’m happy I can honestly say I enjoy the yoga lessons this year! Unlike last year when I just said it to be sponsor correct. Unfortunately I couldn’t join today because I had to work on some muscle strength in the gym. That’s what I found out last night, when I lost an arm wrestling match against Kristy and that made me set an extra goal for the new season. So Kristy, be prepared!

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19-03-2012: Dealing with Beth

ellen bethIn the team, the riders are always getting all the attention; from media, sponsors and -above all- from our staff. But from who is our staff getting any attention? Ok, Jens, Ronny & Kristy get their minute of fame sometimes in race reports and press releases, but what about our soigneur and mechanic? Beth & Olli (or Oliver for outsiders) are their names in case you didn’t know. Our workhorses who are busy 24h a day, always making sure our bodies and bikes are in topshape. Never complaining and nothing you ask is too much. If they were on Strava I would give them ‘kudos’ every day. In team Specialized lululemon we are blessed with our staff and although I know they don’t like it, they deserve to be more in the spotlights!

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